Once Upon A Story is a new readers theatre educational business that offers one-on-one and group educational support and promotes unique theatre techniques such as tongue twisters, repeated readings, improv, character scripts and speech techniques to help children and adults learn how to read.

By using simple, and exciting character scripts coupled with fundamental theatre skills, learners are equipped with a disguised reading technique that will help them excel in both reading and speaking.

Through this service both children and adults who are facing either cognitive speech disabilities, reading impairments, English Learning Language(ELL), or are aspiring performers looking for additional workshops, are provided an opportunity to build confidence and learn speech therapy techniques to engage developing speaking habits and reading skills.

Unlike regular reading services, this technique engages learners with unique and easy to read theatre scripts that are meant to be read aloud amongst the readers. This provides the learner with confidence, sparking their imagination by portraying a character and excites them in wanting to continue to read. Through repeated aloud readings of the scripts provided, the consumers adapt skills in fluency, vocabulary, vocalization and ease of reading.

This also gives them the increased ability to decode words, phrase sentences, read punctuation markers, increase comprehension and read with greater ease, quicker and more accurately. They are also introduced to a service that provides avenues of both theatre and English learning which exposes them to lifelong skills of speaking, confidence and socialization in the long term.

About Amber Rowden

Amber Rowden founded Once Upon A Story in February 2018 while finishing up her studies at Bow Valley College. She graduated with a business diploma specialized in a double major of Digital Marketing and Marketing. She has had a passion and love for theatre since she was a young child and pursued her love for theatre by studying in the Master Class Program at Company of Rogues Actor’s Studio. She also pursues her love of acting in the local Calgary Community Theatre scene.

Coupled with her background and passion in Theatre and Business, Once Upon A Story was born. As a child, Amber always loved to be characters, story tell, read and imagine. However, it was also hard to keep her focus when it came to reading larger novels while being shy which proved quite difficult until she discovered theatre. Theatre allowed her the ability to have fun, channel her creativity and be engaged while giving her the confidence to try new techniques. This is the exact idea that she hopes to bring into the one-on-one training sessions at Once Upon A Story to help enhance confidence, fluency, creativity and a love of reading!