How Theatre Changed My Life

October 9, 2019 | News, Stories

ACT ONE- The Discovery

It all started from a young age. I used to love making videos, plays and skits from movies and songs with my friends. I used to have so much fun and no problem expressing myself in that type of setting. When I went to school it seemed like I was a different person. I was shy and quiet and although I got along with everyone, I never had the confidence to speak my voice and approach other children and felt shy sharing my ideas. Fast forward to the first day of Grade 8, when 14 year old Amber had the option to take Drama, which would change the course of my life for the better.


ACT TWO- Finding My Voice

Grade 8 drama class was the first exposure I had to acting and theatre. This is when I knew I had found a pathway that would shape the person I would later become. On the first day we played ice breaker activities, improv games and I even found myself performing a monologue. I knew this was something that I had to explore. I went home to my parents and excitedly told them about grade 8 drama class, and that is when we found drama summer camps at Mount Royal University. Over the course of 2 weeks I was able to perform a play and connect with other children who loved theatre and expressing creativity  as much as I did. I made some great friends that I still have to this day and learned so many techniques that I took with me all the way to high school. Once I got to high school I joined Theatre as a class and auditioned and acted in the high school plays. This is where I found my voice and truly felt confident and accepted.



ACT THREE- Lights, Camera, Action

As high school was ending I knew Theatre was something I wanted to pursue in my adult life. I found an acting studio called Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio. I had no idea the impact Company of Rogues would have on me, not only as an actor but as a person. The instructors I had and the people I met have become life long friends, mentors and family and they taught me a truly different way  to appreciate the craft of acting. Within my 3 year journey with Rogues I learned how to be vulnerable, express confidence and creativity, to try new things and that there is no wrong way of doing things as long as you are truthful to yourself. Playing a character is finding yourself through that character and bringing an element of you to that character. My heart and soul were ignited and sparked with passion.

This led to my first community theatre audition. I remember feeling nervous but more excited to just be in a room of people passionate about creating art, telling stories and collaborating together to create. Throughout the audition process there is always ups and downs, and you may not always get the part- but it’s that passion and love for the art that keeps you going.  Even though I wouldn’t get one part, I still went to the next audition because of the feeling of performing, connecting with other people and expressing who you are which is a feeling that is unbeatable.


ACT FOUR- All The World’s A Stage

Theatre is more then performing. It is a lifestyle. I can never fully articulate how much it has changed or impacted my life. I have been through some hard times, but in the end Theatre has been my life line. The art form and the techniques have taught and continue to teach me about vulnerability and how it is okay to be yourself and live your truth. I am able to express, create, and share a characters story with an audience while bringing them to life. It has given me a pathway to confidence and to go after my dreams, as well as connect with people. The connection, bond and vulnerability, theatre forms to the human condition is incredible. Theatre allows me to embrace what being human means and sharing in that experience in the most vulnerable form with another human in a safe space. Theatre is something that can bring individuality out in every single person while connecting them with a community of people. My passion for theatre led me to Once Upon A Story and truly shaped the person I am now and for that I am forever grateful and want to share that with the world.



First Workshop!

June 11, 2019 | News

I can’t express how grateful and excited I am to have done my first Readers Theatre workshop! This wonderful group of ELL students at Bow Valley College participated in improv games, script readings and tongue twisters. They were all so vulnerable, willing to try new things, creative and brought so much fun and enthusiasm while stepping out of their comfort zones! This is exactly what Once Upon A Story hopes our students feel when they finish a workshop or lesson with us. Thank you to the Bow Valley Intercultural Centre for having us!

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